A Drinker’s Manifesto

Drink. Because you must.

Life is a transit to somewhere we are all yet to figure out, and the only way to make sense of the blur you see on this life’s speeding train is to let go of your sober.

Promise yourself that you will not drink again, either as when opportunity presents itself or as you are tempted to create one. Promise to fail miserably at the first instance, and fail gloriously because the pangs of failure is an unparalleled human regret, and when this point arrives you know you’re alive.

Dare to think of things you tried so hard to not think of, and do things you would never attempt otherwise. Bravery in a few hours counts as bravery, and it matters at that moment of indiscretion and the morning after.

Discover upon yourself the beauty of genuine human interaction, when all barriers are broken down with every go on that bottle—and more importantly, take advantage of the fleeting beauty of everything slowing down inside out.

Create risks, and take it. It’s a test of grit and judgment as you take it on your most crucial point. Not all half-wits commit to the big decisions.

If a mess is made by you, or on your behalf by another, iron it out if you could. This is when you will realize how far you are able to go when pushed by the circumstance you create, or consented to in the first place.

Make the most out of what your youth has to offer with the aid of beer, whiskey, Rhum, or Jack and Coke—your liver is malleable, your insights gullible, and you have the luxury of time to nurse a hangover.

And when the time comes you finally realize that drinking is not your best buddy, think again.


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