Proofs that We Might be a Country Where Double-Standards is the Standard

As Filipinos, we adhere to the trait of monogamy. Among many other things, we take pride in our belief in one God; we come home to A Spouse; and we adhere to A Set of Filipino virtues, which are non-negotiable most especially if you were raised in a ‘traditional’ Filipino family. There is no compromise to these famous monogamist practices. But faced with pressing issues, whether political, societal, or spiritual; we succumb to the very polytheistic attitude we find appalling. In a nutshell: we adhere to double-standards, deliberately, though not consciously.

And here’s why:

We have a Senator who says No to RH, but Yes to Death Penalty

Only in the Philippines will you find a Senator who contradicts his very statements. Senator Tito Sotto, a hard-core Pro-Life, says yes to death penalty, saying it’s the ‘Sword of God’ (flips table). Recalling his very emotional speech at the Senate re:RH Bill, Senator Sotto has been very clear with his stand against the then RH Bill.

His proclaimed belief in the sanctity of life, worth preservation at all cost (even with the yet lack of conception [oh my god]), makes him worthy of canonization. But I wonder what he meant by “I am pro-life. Pro-life for the unborn, pro-life for the Filipino family, pro-life for the victims and would-be victims of heinous crimes, but I am not pro-life for heinous criminals.” — does this mean “heinous criminals” are dead at the onset?

We teach our kids respect, but we are scared of Cybercrime Law

Even before the Cybercrime Law (RA 10175), Libel has been a crime defined and deemed punishable under the Revised Penal Code (Art.355). The only difference with this current special law is the fact that the scope and medium of committing Libel has included those “…committed through a computer system or any other similar means which may be devised in the future”.

The irony in this lies in the fact that as Filipinos, we aim to uphold the value of Respect, Fairness, and Candor to another; but we intend to tolerate slanderous statements over Social media, and the rest of the mediums as defined in RA 10175. Respect is just not something you can forego on Facebook, and RA 10175 is just a way to put teeth into your teachings.

We ‘Annihilate’ Minorities, and Dig Through the Archives to Learn About Them Later On

“Hindi nga masama ang pag-unlad, at malayo-layo na rin ang ating narating”. In our strong desire to join in the bandwagon of industrialization, globalization, and modernization, we oftentimes overlook the fact that with each progress we march on to, we crush a number of minorities, who, may not be able to cope up to the changes we introduce.

I certainly have nothing against progress, but I cannot comprehend how we educate, modernize, and immerse our minorities to the modern way of living, completely “annihilating” tribes and ethnic groups to make way for development; when sooner or later, we spend a whole lot of money reviving their communities, researching about their way of life, and digging through dirt for the past we chose to erase in the first place.

We condemn Homosexuals, but We Say God Loves Us All

The bigotry. That’s All.

Queue: Same Love, Macklemore.


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