How Women (We) Become Too Unfair To Men

While I do not know the etymology of the word “feminism”; nor has taken any formal education or extensive research on the subject, I believe I know enough to be convinced to identify myself as one. I have, for several times, asserted my right as a “woman” and as a feminist under many circumstance. I scoff at every bigotry I get to witness, and I know for a fact that given the chance, I’d be willing to pounce and pound on anyone who tries to reduce my capacity on account of my gender.

I have grown up surrounded by girls. While I studied in co-ed schools most of my life, I have not had ample guy friends since now. I am not, at any rate, a man hater. It just happened that most of my friends are girls. With that, most of my perspectives as about “gender roles” are a product of the limited exposure I had with men. Not to mention, societal expectations, cultural precepts, and by-products of women-centered chismis.

But with numerous inuman sessions with guy friends and a self-imposed goal to see behind the walls, I realized that most women (myself included) are guilty of being too unfair to men (for lack of a better word).

We become hypocrite in terms of our call for Equality

Women love to call for gender equality. We push for it under different circumstances, and we impose the same as we see fit in the situation. We believe that what men can do– we can. And yes, we are correct. On that matter though, I wonder why some women would complain over men not willing to give up their seat for them in skirts, or why girlfriends would always demand that the guy should do the wooing after a lover’s quarrel, or why we always expect them to help us along corridor halls with our heavy loads– and reduce them into being un-gentlemen when they won’t?

We swoon over the pictures of Channing Tatum too

If you leave your house in short-shorts and would have to walk from your house to kanto, you can always expect to get that unsolicited attention from your neighborhood tambay  (or you can expect other similar scenarios). While I believe this an inappropriate response from these tambays as you pass by wearing short-shorts; I believe there’s something you can do about it if you can’t help all the attention. For instance, wear a more modest set of clothes, perhaps? The thing is that maybe, there’s something about you and these men;  and you and a topless picture of Channing Tatum, or Ryan Gosling, or, Derek Ramsay– you’re guilty of over-staring too, right?

We have put too much highlight on our “weakness”

There is a fine line between lambing and pananamantala. I have a guy friend who’s been complaining about a girlfriend who’s turning him into a full-time slave. Driving, delivering stuff in the office, doing “manly” chores at her pad– name it. While the guy friend is willing to do these things for the love of his lover, sometimes, it gets too overwhelming. Why not try to be more self-reliant and not think about what your guy can do; but what you can do.

On the perspective of sex, women benefit as well

What grinds my gears most is women complaining about how they have “given up” everything for this man, or for an ­­ex-lover, or for a hookup. Unless you were forced to do that, you have no right to complain. Otherwise, proceed to the women’s help desk right away, there are a number of legal recourse for you. After all, you came. But if he’s too bad in bed, well. Move on.


4 thoughts on “How Women (We) Become Too Unfair To Men

  1. Love this Ap! I’m all for women’s rights and equality but SOME so-called ‘feminists’ unfortunately do not realize that some of the ‘ideals’ they’re pushing for are also unfair to men. Fight for your right, but do not trample other people’s. 🙂

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