8 Non-Pathetic Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day By Yourself

With the miasma of  redundant love and romance in the air; not to mention cupid-cut outs on restaurant windows, you better start coming up with ways to survive that dreaded day, at least, for ones like you who doesn’t have plans (date) on that Valentine’s Day.

As the title suggests, the goal of this post is to get you through Valentine’s Day, safe and sound; or without looking pathetic as you opt (opt=with or without a choice) to spend this day on your own.

Instead of sour-graping over the fact that you have not moved on from your estranged “Valentine”, or as your prospect one turns out to be, apparently taken, here’s some ways you can get through this day:

1. Binge-Watch, Catch-Up on the EP’s you missed.


This could be the most-legit way to reassure yourself that it’s o-k to not have a date on Valentine’s Day. Know that it’s never too late to start watching Breaking Bad, catching up on Girls, or joining in the geeky flock of Game of Thrones. Stock up on microwavable popcorn; after all– that’s complex carbs.

2. Cross Out Titles on your Reading List


If you have been itching to have that quiet, alone time with your would-be imaginary friends, this is the best time to do so. Word of warning: make sure to buy the titles on your list on crowded bookstores beforehand and never, ever, browse through the shelves on Valentine’s Day or else, you miss the whole point.

3. Order Pizza, Stock up on Beer.


 If you are looking for true love, you can find it in Pizza. Best companion for watching sports, movies, series, or anything else. And beer. It’s like Starsky and Hutch, Finn and Jake, Beavis and Butthead— can’t have one without the other.

4. Go Out for a Night Run


As lovers get their taste of love-high on Valentines, how about you get your dose of runner’s high? While everybody else is putting their hearts at risks with possibly dating the wrong ones, you do exactly the opposite– you take care of your heart, literally! Make sure to have a nice playlist too: Include M83, Taken by Cars, LCD Soundsystem; and you might want to delete The Script for the mean time.

5. Engage in Your Hobby


Everyone has a hobby. And if you have none, you should start finding one. They say that engaging in a constructive activity is good for the soul. So whether it’s setting up your Tamiya, building your Gundam, or getting crafty with your scrapbook, your hobby could be your very, very engaging Valentine.

6. Visit an Art Exhibit, Museum, or Poetry Reading Session.


This is the only acceptable way to stray in public places by yourself on Valentine’s Day. If it’s not an Art Exhibit, Museum, or Poetry Reading Session, it’s just not worth it. Besides, most lovers with possibly raging hormones won’t dare go into these seemingly mundane places. But since you have such serene disposition on this day, why not bask in a different perspective with the Arts, History, and Poetry? In case you’re too lazy to go dress up though, some Rilke, Cordero, or Kilates are some great reads!

7. Wine and your iTunes


It’s about time you take the music lover in you for a date. When was the last time you actually immersed with the emotions that you can find in Mayer Hawthorne’s, or in that nostalgic, rustic feels of your Country music (Taylor Swift included). There are also a lot of great new albums you can check out and download, or best yet– watch the 56th Grammy. Metallica, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, Macklemore, John Legend. And, Yoko Ono.

8. Sleep all Day, and Night.

(insert your picture here)

No time for love, lots of time for sleep.


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