The Sad, Sad Invention that is The Smart Phone

You have tons of pictures on my phone, but holding your smartphone.

These are pictures I took in my vague attempt to at least, catch you smiling my way during our weekend stay-cation.  It’s always a vague attempt, because at each snapshot, you have your eyes glued on your phone– either reading a blog, buzzfeed-ing, or browsing through your social media connections.

I have nothing against you having knowledge of these things, and in no way will I ever keep you from the delights of these online entertainment. But since you have your phone with you more often that you get to be with me, I was wishing you’d choose to read to me your thoughts instead, or that you try to read mine too. I guess my stories have become less entertaining.

You Ask Me To Google Things I’d Rather You Tell Me About.

When the concept of Smart Phones and wifi is beyond our inception, you used to ask me about a lot of things– and I tell you what I know. In the same way do I ask you about things, and you will deliberately recall some related experiences and facts, and willingly share them to me. I don’t really care if you tell me the wrong things, and I don’t really care if what you tell me would be misleading– what matters is that we learn from each other. I miss that a lot– the time when you tell me about childhood knowledge, or the adage you heard from other people, or your interpretation about the things that happen around you. I still believe that the limits of your knowledge is more beautiful than the ever-knowing database of Google.

We Talk Less These Days. Because You’re Too Busy Watching Movies, Or Buzzfeeding, Or Reading An Ebook On Your Phone

Don’t get me wrong– I’m not trying to be clingy. But that the changes are very apparent. I understand the fascination with smart phones. It’s just too charming, too smart, too wonderful to behold. But sometimes I wonder if you think you’re better off with it, than with me around you. I miss the times when not everything is as accessible as they are today. Back then, in college, you used to ask me about books, and we look for ways to get our hands on the soft-bounds. These days though, all books are just a torrent away. And our conversations about books begin with “This is a good one”; and ends with “Let me download that”. No more asking about the plot, how many stars I give the story, etc.– there’s GoodReads and Amazon, and anything else you’d conveniently read online about the titles.

You Have Too Many Apps, Games, Social Networking, And Every Other Utility You Need For Living; And You Do Not Believe Me Anymore– You Trust What Google Has To Say More Than You Trust Me.

We have had a lot of arguments about many things– but in the end, we laugh and forget about the facts we argue about. Simply because that’s how life was, everything was easy, and any misinformation did not feel life-threatening. But these days, I feel the need to be more accurate on everything I tell you about– which, honestly, compromises the fun in our interactions. If you expect me to be right and precise as what you read on Google all the time I’d like to ask– where’s the fun in that?

And finally,  We Do Not Do Things The Way We Used To Do Them. I can’t move around in bed because I’m scared I might push off your Smartphone and that you’ll get really mad at me.

I really wish you’d find yourself back, on the ground, and not lose yourself up the Clouds.


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