10 People You Meet in Law School

1. The Child Prodigy

This person knows everything. Just when you think you’ve had all the cases and provisions pulverized and made a ready gun powder for the shoot off on your recitation, she starts discussing some doctrines, you– by the love of The Killers– has missed out. Being friends with the Child Prodigy is two-pronged. She is definitely there to discuss with you the liabilities on Negotiable Instruments; but she’s also there to remind you that sometimes, your best is just not good enough.

2. Ms/Mr. In Denial

So you start asking your classmates as to at what degree are they unprepared, and this In-Denial classmate of yours proudly whines at how little she has read for class. But wait until she gets called to recite and woah! You’d start to mistake her for another Child Prodigy! But no, Ms. In-Denial just likes to play safe. Perfect example of false humility that may start grinding your gears– but soldier, hold your horses! It’s a sem more to go!

3. The Bright Underachiever

Yes, this is you. You are bright, but in class, you may feel dumb– but you know, these are just feelings. The bright underachiever is someone you can say falls on the “average”, and reaps average grades at the end of the semester. These bright underachievers often take heed in short reviewers, codals, and feel an immense self-pride after being able to read a few full-text cases. You can say this is the wallflower in law school, but I believe the bright underachievers are the best buddies you’ll even find in campus.

4. The Believer

Starts his recitation spiel with, “I believe, I Think”, or any other introductory phrases of the same kind. The Believer is someone who recites in class with strong, firm conviction– but sadly, most of his answers are incorrect. This person is the type you’d want to stick around if you want to feel good about what you know. Probably the perfect example that sometimes, the Law of Attraction does not stand a chance against the hard-bound Law Books. But overall, thumbs up for the confidence, bro!

 5. The Nokia

Connecting People. Like in any other colleges, there are law school students that know everybody else in the campus.  If there’s anyone in the other blocks you’d want to be acquainted with, it’s best to begin by being acquainted with this queen bee. The Nokia often jumps from one table to another in the library, and making a few trips to the crowded spots in your school before proceeding to the classroom. If there’s anything about anybody you’d want to know about, this person is worth befriending for.

6. Hunter x Hunter

These are students always hunting for the next prey. Often associated with a new, different fling every semester. Not exactly the heartbreaker type, and not necessarily good looking. The Hunter is someone who likes to prey on classmates who’s just gone through a breakup; or an even better alternative would be those in the freshmen block. The Hunter is perpetually present in all school parties– and the favorite? Acquaintance party.  Freshies– caveat emptor.

7. Ms. Congeniality

A smile taped up on her face, Ms. Congeniality is the type you’d want to run into after an exhausting midterm or after you’ve been grilled by your Judge teacher. Ms. Congeniality does not know everybody in the college, but knowing everybody’s name is certainly on her list. This person loves to help out in  organizing school activities spanning from outreach programs, Bar-Ops activities, up to Christmas parties.

8. The Book Thief

The Book Thief is probably the most hideous person you’d meet in the school library. He knows the hoarding economics well, and does advance research on the books required for the semester’s subject so he can borrow and photocopy right before the rest does. The Book Thief also strategizes his borrowing periods, and usually on the constant look-outs for books as the exam week approaches.

9. Robinhood

Probably the best friend you can ever have in law school. Robinhood is exactly who he is– scours through available resources, gets his hands on the reviewers you need for the subject, and has a soft copy (compatible for your devices too!) of the cases that you have to digest. In short, the Robinhood is never stingy when it comes to distributing the resources he has gathered.

10. The Activist

Always having anything to say about politics, social issues, the poor sector in the society, and RH Bill. The Activist is the one who likes to maximize minimal knowledge of law for argument’s sake. Opinionated, often mistaken as boastful– but hey, cut her some slack! The Activist is some who imposes a self-direction. To where, I am really not sure.


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