7 Steps To Running for Beginners, As Told By A Beginner

Whether you intend to lose your holiday weight, or the weight you have been having for the past several years of holidays, then it’s time to make that commitment of keeping one foot ahead of the other at an increased pace– and no, brisk walking is only good if you’re trying to keep your blood pressure at bay– but if you’re serious about leaving your fatty, unhealthy past behind, then get the f*** out and run! ( that’s me, talking to self)

1.  Find A Motivation, and Keep the Consistency

the scream

Before I started running, I was very much okay about myself, and my weight. In spite of the constant reminding and subtle ridicule I have been getting since my size was beyond the Women’s clothes section, I couldn’t care less. But had I known a lot of things get better when you get fitter, I would have started running long ago.

However, I did not get that Motivation from the people around me constantly nagging me about my weight–but with a question asked by someone I barely know– “Have You Tried Losing Weight?” So that’s when it all began– I have been trying out new, crazy things every time, but maybe it’s about time to try something new– and so I started running.

The consistency I found when I felt all body parts aching and finding out that the only way to feel better– and to make the first morning worth it– was to run more. And so I did.

2. Set A Realistic Run Schedule

run sched

(here’s mine)

Setting a schedule is a real challenge for beginners. Having forged a habit of doing a lot of things you can barely squeeze in your schedule, squeezing in another, laborious, less-fun activity is anything but welcome. But you have to because you got to and because you WANT to– so the second step would be to make time for running. A short 30-40 minutes a day will do.

In my case, I do the running first thing in the morning (or at night before going home when it rains). FYI– school, work, or anything else is no excuse for not making time for running. An excuse is just a matter of attitude– would you want a life of compromise?

3. Invest In A Pair Of Good Running Shoes


(here mine, as of the moment)

Invest in a pair of good running shoes, and if you’re a beginner, the more expensive– the better. At this point a lot of you might disagree, but hear me: if you invest in something that’s pricey (and functional too, of course), wouldn’t you want to make the most out of it? A cute pair of running shoes is an investment, and added motivation too. Think about the money you spent on that pricey running shoes.

And of course, a good pair of running shoes helps a lot too– cushioning, support (which you will start geeking about sooner or later, trust me), and the feel– it’s okay to be a poser every now and then. haha!

4. Stretch


(yes, my knees)

Too bad, I learned this part the hard way. I had to experience the pains of injury and some trip to the PT, not to mention not being able to walk without aching knees for a week– and not being able to run for two weeks! So stretching is a very important routine you should be committed to before you go running.  Beginner to Elite– no runner can do away with stretching.

5. Keep One Foot Ahead Of The Other

(can’t find appropriate picture, sorry)

So basically, running is all about keeping one foot ahead of the other. The rest of the other concerns are, secondary. 

6. Track Your Progress


(an actual picture I took for douchey purposes, found on my instagram)

Let me tell you that running is a very loveable hobby. Love it and it loves you back. There is no unrequited love in this track. Sooner or later, running will not be all about losing weight. It will be about exploring new tracks, that running high, and the feeling of exceeding your own limits– it’s all worth it.

In tracking your progress though, I suggest you start with timed-run; stick with goals of 30-40 minutes with every go, then you start tracking progress based on distance. I use the Nike App for distance runs.

7. Run More


(my first 10K last April 2013)

I started running at 10 minutes a go and I’m gasping for air– a few months after I run 40 minutes every round, then progress to 1:16/10km , and now I’m training for a half marathon with my weekend record for 21km being at 2:36:11.

Good luck, runner!


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