Mommy D Should be the Official Spokesperson of Us All

If there exists a Bureau of Mothers, I will call for an Initiative to have Mommy D as its spokesperson, if not its commissioner altogether. I must admit, no matter how funny and sometimes, ridiculous her reactions are (including fainting after Manny lost to a round of boxing) to anything and everything that happens to Manny– trivial and up to his current BIR tax disputes– she always has something worth saying.

This morning, she was interviewed on a morning show about Manny’s disputes with the BIR, and apparently, she is being assessed for tax deficiency too! (Let’s do our research on this together).

In her brief interview and in her succinct statements, she has covered the wise of all mothers in the world– worthy of a life guide I believe, and here’s what she has to say:

On Being a Senior Citizen in relation to paying Taxes:

“Senior Citizen na ako, ta-tax pa?”

Senior Citizens are not exactly tax-exempt individuals, well, no one really is. Even their retirement benefits may be subject to tax, and all other income they be may having even after their retirement. No matter how many years you have worked to have at least, less expenses owed to the government, there simply is no escaping the payment of taxes.

In this statement by Mommy D though, she has presumed that as a Senior Citizen, she is not required to pay her income taxes. Though she is wrong at that, there is no doubt that she thinks it’s fair. And I guess, most of us thinks the same way.

On Hard and Honest Work

“Pinagpaguran ni Manny yun, hindi niya yun ninakaw sa Gobyerno. Dugo at pawis!”

Exactly! Why ‘rob’ someone off the right to enjoy the fruits of his toil, while the government is apparently, too lax on the real culprits of our leaking government funds. While we may not be training as hard as Manny, or has had that amount of sweat and blood drip on our faces, we have worked our ways day in and out to enjoy at least, the meager amount of what’s left of what we actually earn– due to countless tax deductions– but where exactly does this go?

Mommy D– my heart goes out to you and Manny.


On Tax and Unemployment

“Wala akong trabaho, ta-tax pa? Oy! Alam ng Mayor na wala akong trabaho! (Insert laugh here– muhahaha!)

Mommy D was all plain right. If there is no income, there’s nothing to be taxed yet anyway; but only until this unemployed decides to spend what’s left of his funds with buying smokes, beer, or any other commodity for that matter– there’s VAT on almost everything you really need to buy.  So still, you pay your taxes.

On Fighting for One’s Rights

“Hindi ako natatakot, lalabanan ko sila!”

Without a doubt, Mommy D is your modern Gabriela Silang on testosterone. I would have said the same thing as on times when I am not allowed to exercise my rights and freedom at some point. Her statement is as empowering– similarly, “pag may katwiran, ipaglaban mo!”

On Records-Keeping

“Anong Gusto Nila, Original? Di ba pwede Xerox? E syempre pantago na namin ang Original!”

Had my mom heard Mommy D say this, she would have second the motion right away. Mothers are obsessed with records-keeping. Maybe it’s because since they signed up for motherhood, being their child’s personal secretary is a part of the job– birth certificates, baptismal certificate, baby records, Form 132, and so on. More importantly, mothers know the importance of Original Copies, Authenticated Copies, and the rest– which we are too clumsy to think about that we just fold them as we go. Yet, without a doubt, records-keeping is a life skills we all ought to learn.


I am yet barely awake as I listen to the morning news but soon as she started talking, I knew Mommy D is about to make my day. And yes she did!


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