Stages of Love in a Round of Videoke

Everybody loves videoke. Even the macho in your clique won’t let the mic pass him by in a round.

Personally, I love videoke because it’s cathartic– you can’t talk to yourself BUT you can sing to yourself– and that usually happens when everyone else is too drunk or drowned in their own dramas they cannot care less about your arthritic vocal chords. (I say I demand my right to my 5 pesos anyway!)

Unfortunately, not many of us are gifted with a voice worth staying sober for– so in case everyone in your barkada belongs to this ‘unfortunte’ (you, included), stock up on beer!

Apart from my affinity with alcohol, I have my unwavering loyalty to good music. In videoke, I dig the lyrics. While there are always mispronunciations and choppy lines (blame beer goggles)– well, we’re all forgiven.

With years of scouring and skimming through videoke booklets and a number of broken piggy banks for five pesos, my videoke genius realized that love, is pretty much summed up in these five videoke songs:

1. Won’t Last a Day Without You, The Carpenters (71775)

“I can take all the madness the world has to give, but I won’t last a day without you”.

C’mon! That’s way too mushy! But really, you can’t blame anyone who’s been bitten by the love bug ( admit it, you’ve been there). The delight that comes along with seeing your significant other, and that period in your togetherness when all idiosyncrasies are cute and appealing– yes, it’s definitely worth singing the carpenters for!

Personal Rating: (insert concluding videoke tune here) 98 (falseto, b***!)

2. Linger, Cranberries (6721)

“And I’m in too deep– you know I’m such a fool for you….huhu”

So she’s binge-watching Breaking Bad and you’re not allowed to call until the season is over (she’s not picking up), or when you have to do all the cleaning on your own on that room you’re supposed to ‘share’. What happened to I love you and I will do things for you? Yes, you can call yourself a fool at this point. Another beer tower, please, ice cold like your girlfriend’s heart.

Personal Rating: 90 (I take beer breaks on the part “and I’m in too deeeeeppp…” just too high.)

3. Hiling, Paramita (8954)

“Kung ito ang iyong hiling, gaano man kasakit sa akin, ibibigay sayo… “

Kung gusto mo ng English version, pwede ring kantahin mo na lang ang ‘Breakeven’ ng The Script (..coz when a heart breaks no, it don’t break even). Pero seryoso, wasak na ang puso mo, e-English ka pa ba? Walang kasing-sakit ang Hiling ng Paramita. Pang-sadista ang ‘Hiling’; pero bakit mo isisisi kay Ria? Isa ka rin! Sa totoo lang, “ang pakiusap ko lang, wag mo akong kalimutan”.. kung pwede, balikan na tayo, please?

Personal Rating:  89 (masyadong mataas, dina-daan ko na lang sa headbang ang chorus)

(dahil sa “nanlalamig na ang pag-ibig” mo, isasabay ko na ang beer ko!)

4. All Out of Love, Air Supply

“Lying alone, with my head on the phone, thinking of you ’til it hurts”.

No one said moving on is easy, but waiting on the phone all day for that text that won’t come makes it more difficult. At this point, I imagine a rainy day, your head on the window holding your phone– and maybe, crying without a sound. It’s okay to think about how “All Out of Love” you are– but that’s exactly the beauty of it! At least you were ‘all in love’– not everybody is/was.

Personal Rating: 90 (At this point you order coffee, about time to sober up to go home soon!)


5. Tuloy Pa Rin, Neocolors

“Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko, nagbago man ang hugis ng puso mo… “

nuff said. Bill Out!


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